LINE Tracker App,,en,想知道您的孩子和员工在线上聊天时真正需要什么,,en,什么是MobiiSpy间谍线消息,,en,您可以远程检查目标手机或平板电脑上发送和接收的所有线路消息和多媒体文件,,en,立即检查姓名和来电号码以及其他详细信息,如时间和日期戳,,en,阅读所有线聊天​​线程,,en,使用线条照片标记查看所有照片,,en,为什么你需要跟踪线路消息功能,,en,Line已经成为儿童和成年人的流行通信应用,,en,但,,en,通过聊天LINE,,en,欺负同学或员工数据泄漏可能会发生,,en,LINE Tracker App让您可以非常方便地随时随地监控您的孩子和员工,,en

Want to know what your children and employees are really up to when they are chatting on Line app? MobiiSpy lets you know in time if your kids are talking to inappropriate people or sharing inappropriate picture and lets you catch employees trying to leak company info through their office-owned phones.

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What is MobiiSpy Spy Line Messages?

With MobiiSpy, you can remotely check all the Line messages and multimedia file sent and received on target phone or tablet. Instantly check names and number of caller and other details like time and date stamps.

Read all Line chats threads.

View all photos with Line photo tagging.

View all Videos and audio files received along.

Check sender’s name and number.

View chat time and conversations messages date stamps.

Why you need to track Line messages feature?

Today, Line has become a popular communication applications for both children and adults. But, through chat LINE, bullying classmates or employee data leakage may occur. MobiiSpy - LINE Tracker App makes it super easy for you to keep a monitor on your children and employees anywhere and all the time. 所有kik跟踪都整齐地组织在您的控制面板中,供您随时访问,,en,间谍LINE消息,,en,跟踪LINE消息,,en.

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Teens lie about their whereabouts


Of parents use the phone to monitor their child’s location.


Teens have sent their nudes via instant messengers.


Parents monitor child’s phone contents.

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