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The Powerful Features that Make MobiiSpy
The World's Most Advanced Mobile Spy Software

Phone Calls & Contacts

Cell Phone Tracker App allows you to view contacts added into the device’s phonebook and to see incoming or outgoing calls-including date & time, caller numbers, and duration of calls. Gives you the ability to record conversations over the cell phone.

SMS Text Messages

Monitor incoming and outgoing text messages-including content of messages, date & time, and contact number. Mobile Spy Software also allows you to monitor various messaging applications like Viber, WhatsApp messages, Viber, LINE, etc.

GPS Location

See the current and previous locations of the monitored device throughout the day. If a phone gets lost or stolen, this feature will also allow you to find the location of your device in seconds.

Various social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter

Monitor social media activity including amount of time spent on social media accounts and allows you to access statuses and posts to the accounts.

Web Activity

Surveil websites visited and browsing history in different internet applications like Google Chrome, Internet, Safari, etc.

Emails & Online Activities

Read email from different email accounts like Gmail or Yahoo. You can view the content of the messages, the time and date, and the receiver and sender information as well.

Record Phone Calls & Surroundings

Record and listen to their phone recordings to know what they are up to and what they talk about on and without their phones.

Picture/Video Seizure

Gives you access to the monitored phone’s gallery and camera, allowing you to view pictures and videos taken, sent, received, or posted, and the date and time the pictures were captured.

App Observation

Generally speaking, see which apps are being used on the monitored device, when they are being used, and how long they are being used.

Back Up Data

Back up any data from a device that has cell phone tracker app to your computer or personal hard drive.

24/7 Instant Alerts

Receive instant alerts on specific words used in SMS or emails, suspicious contacts and when they enter or leave safe or unsafe places that you define.

Control Remotely

Control all the features remotely from your Online Control Panel. Adjust feature settings and send remote commands to target device.

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The world’s new Mobile Spy Software FREE

Allows you to keep track of your loved and employees at all times! Simply install the app onto the monitored phone and connect it to your private account, where you will be able to surveil:


Check all incoming, outgoing, missed calls and call recording.

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Read all their sent and received SMS.


Scroll through all their saved contacts.

Facebook Messenger

Spy all their sent and received facebook messages.

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WhatsApp Activity

Track WhatsApp chats history and shared multimedia


Check all their visited websites.

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See all the photos saved on their device.

Viber Messages

Track viber chat history messages.

Track Your Childs and Employees
in 3 Simple Steps:

MobiiSpy makes it super easy for you to keep a monitor on your children and employees anywhere and all the time. Follow these steps and simplify all your tracking needs.

Install and Set Up FREE

Download MobiiSpy and install the Mobile Spy Software into the phone you wish to monitor. MobiiSpy's installation process is a breeze and fast, just the device connected to the internet. Note! If the monitored cell phone is an Android device it will need to be Root to use FULL features.

Start Monitoring!

Open MobiiSpy on the target phone and Login via your account to start tracking. Simply log in to your Control Panel to start tracking sms, calls recorder, track GPS location, URL history, hack whatsapp, viber, facebook messages and more.

Buy MobiiSpy

You can purchase MobiiSpy software directly from our website. Select the package that's perfect for your needs and complete the order form. Once your payment is made, your account license is auto upgrade and you'll receive account license via email.

What Our Happy Customers
Saying About Us

  • Robert De Vaio (Director of Private Company)

    “MobiiSpy is such a great app! It works perfectly with all of my company devices and does everything it said it could!”

  • Jonathan Bischoping (Business owner)

    “Owning my own business has been stressful in itself, and having to worry if my employees are actually doing their work is just an extra stress that I don’t need. With Mobile Spy App I am able to relax a little because I don’t need to worry anymore! I know exactly what my employers are doing and where they are during work hours. Definitely recommend this app to any business owner!”

  • Quentin Mabille (Marketer)

    ),“Je utilisé cell phone tracker app pour surveiller les photos sur le mobile de mon employé et j’ai découvert qu'il avait pris des photos de documents confidentiels.”

  • AJ Rivera (Limo services)

    Managing our company’s limousine whereabouts was really stressful! With mobile spy software free trial we are now able to see their locations all in one spot! Such a relief! Thanks!

  • Nick Freeling (Dad)

    My kids were grounded and were told that they couldn’t go to a friend’s party this past weekend but I knew they would try anyway, they’re kids. So I put in ‘party’ as a keyword and was able to detect all of their text messages regarding the party. Sure enough they went to the party. Thanks to MobiiSpy they won’t disobey me again.

Why Should You Use Cell Phone Tracker App?

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  • Comes with many innovative features like phone recording or gps location which makes it stand out from its competitors.
  • Easy to install and setup and can be used on any Smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • The best choice when it comes to tracking cell phone because you can track on any cell phone remotely and invisibly.
  • So far there are thousands of satisfied customers already using MobiiSpy.
  • You can download Mobile Spy Software for FREE and we will give you 48 hour trial period granting you access to all the features, so that you can try it out!
  • Why spend money hiring a personal spy or waste time worrying? It’s unnecessary! MobiiSpy is as cheap as chips! In other words, it’s really inexpensive.
  • We have professional, dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any support you may need.

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